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Set against the rolling hills of a small central California town once flourishing with oil wells, 12 year-old Trey Caldwell received a gift from his father for Christmas – a Soap Box Derby car kit. Never having mentioned any interest in the Derby, Trey finds it an “interesting” choice. He later finds that the Derby was an unfilled dream of his dad.

The two start building the car but the work is cut short when Trey’s dad, an Army Reservist is called to duty in Afghanistan. Two days in he’s killed. Trey is left with his mom, the unfinished car and a dream that is all but dead.

Trey’s teacher puts him together with a man from her church, Roy Gibbs, a local Fire Chief (CORBIN BERNSEN), who himself has suffered a great tragedy that has 10 year downward spiral. His son, a firefighter in New York was killed on 9/11.

Trey and Roy meet up and begin working through their differences – Trey believes in the dream of America – proud and loud. Roy is an extremely bitter and a borderline alcoholic. He sees no future for America.

Over time however Trey and his infectious pride and enthusiasm begin to bring Roy back from the abyss. Roy reminded of his childhood, some 35 years ago, when he, in fact, won the Soap Box Derby in Akron – the national title! The place he used to race was a slight incline slicing through the old oil fields called 25 Hill. In a story of redemption and faith, Trey and Roy embark on a journey of building a soapbox to compete in the derby. The two, form a strong friendship and learn that together, they can mend old wounds and accomplish more than they could ever imagine.

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25 Hill
25 Hill

Directed By

Corbin Bernsen

Produced by

Corbin Bernsen Chris Aronoff James Greilick Mary Ethridge Sean Beck William K. Baker

Written by

Corbin Bernsen


Nathan Gamble Corbin Bernsen Ralph Waite Maureen Flannigan Bailee Madison


T.J. Hellmuth

Editing by

Bradley R. Golowin


Team Cherokee Production

Release date

July 9, 2011


United States



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thumb|300px|right|25 Hill Trailer


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